About Us

Opal Payment Solutions is a dynamic group of  payment professionals with over fifty years cumulative experience in payment processing, finance, marketing and various business strategies.  Our experts provide finance options customized to suit your needs and current situation.  We understand various business environments and know that the volume of cash flow in a business is a better indicator of its financial health than its credit rating, so we analyze that first.  This allows a business to be approved for a loan or other types of funding that otherwise would be locked out of fairly priced capital.

We specialize in providing solutions that allow well run businesses small to large to quickly access much-needed capital quickly at fair rates. We can typically get a "pre-approval" on the same day the application is submitted, an approval within two days and funding in less than a week. We also provide customized POS computer systems with no up-front costs allowing a business to save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in up-front expenses. We assist   entrepreneurs in gaining control of various aspects of their business and implement programs enabling them to cut expenses, increase sales and increase their profits.